• An Early Application for Summary Judgment
    Dismissal of the USA’s request for the extradition of Ms. Meng, based upon the different approaches that Canada and the USA have taken to the Iran nuclear agreement (the JCPOA), was itself dismissed this day for Reasons that may be viewed here: United States v Meng, 2020 BCSC 785 (CanLII)
  • Meng Media Application
    Mr. Martin (with Mr. Leggett) successfully respond to an application by the media to televise Meng Wanzhou extradition proceedings: United States v. Meng, 2020 BCSC 43.
  • Meng Disclosure Application
    Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou wins disclosure application in United States v. Meng, 2019 BCSC 2137.
  • Human Smuggling Appeal
    Mr. Leggett is part of a team that successfully appealed a human smuggling conviction at the British Columbia Court of Appeal in R. v. Christhurajah, 2019 BCCA 210. Mr. Christhurajah will not be re-tried.
  • Language Rights
    Mr. Leggett is part of a team that successfully defended minority language rights at the Supreme Court of Canada in Bessette v. British Columbia (Attorney General), 2019 SCC 31.
  • R. v. MM
    Mr. Leggett secures an acquittal after a sexual assault trial. The Court also ordered the disclosure of records in the possession of third parties. Mr. Leggett also obtained a retraction from a newspaper which had inaccurately reported on the court’s decision and successfully argued that a related disciplinary matter should be set aside.
  • Wrongful Conviction
    Ms. Duncan, and co-counsel Phil Campbell, on behalf of Innocence Canada, secured the release on bail of Wade Skiffington after 17 years in prison, pending an investigation by the Minister of Justice into Mr. Skiffington’s claim that he was wrongfully convicted of murder: R. v. Skiffington, 2019 BCSC 178.
  • Ms. Meng Released on Bail
    Mr. Martin and Ms. Duncan secure the release on bail of Ms. Meng Wanzhou, CFO of global telecommunications giant Huawei, sought by the US in extradition proceedings: United States v Meng, 2018 BCSC 2255 (CanLII), <>,
  • “Who’s Who Legal Canada” _ Mr. Martin
    Who’s Who Legal Canada asserts that Mr. Martin “enjoys a fantastic reputation in the market for his expertise in white-collar crime”.
  • Mr. Leggett and Ms. Duncan secure absolute discharge
    Tamara Duncan and Casey Leggett secure absolute discharge for client in high-profile attempt murder case following not criminally responsible verdict. The verdict can be found here.
  • Attempted murder allegations dismissed
    After a 7 day trial, M+A associate Tamara Duncan and Casey Leggett convinced Madam Justice Fleming that their client was not criminally responsible for allegations that he had committed attempted murder. Justice Fleming’s decision may be found here.
  • Extradition Act: Defence Evidence
    M+A counsel Casey Leggett successfully applied to introduce defense evidence pursuant to s. 32(1)(c) of the Extradition Act. The Judgement of Mr. Justice Groves is found here.
  • RCMP apology letter to Mrs. Ladha
    Mr. Martin issued a press release announcing that the RCMP had agreed to a monetary settlement, and to apologize, to resolve a negligent investigation and defamation civil suit brought by M+A against the RCMP on behalf of Mrs. Ladha. This civil suit arose from criminal charges brought against her on May 16, 2011. On November […]
  • Who’s Who Legal Canada
    M+A was profiled in Who’s Who Legal Canada 2016 as follows: In Vancouver,David Martin heads up the specialist business crimes defenseĀ firm Martin +Associates, offering individuals and corporations assistance in the management and conduct of investigations. He is well known in the region with over three decades of accumulated experience which has earned him the status […]