David J. Martin*

Mr. Martin has practiced as a criminal defense counsel for 45 years; for 10 years as a partner at Pinkofsky, Lockyer, Martin and then Martin & Porter in Toronto and for the last 35 years as Martin + Associates, Vancouver. He studied at the University of Saskatchewan and took law at the University of British Columbia. Between 1990 and 2002 he acted as Editor in Chief of the Charter of Rights Newsletter, Canada Law Book’s principle Charter trend national legal publication. Mr. Martin is an active member of the Crime and Business Law Divisions of the International Bar Association. Mr. Martin is the Canadian Co-Chair of the American Bar Association’s White Collar Criminal Law subsection and has been profiled by the UK’s “Who’s Who Legal” as a global internal investigations leader.

Mr. Martin has been the subject of many media profiles. For example, on January 20, 2020 the New York Times reported that “Ms. Meng has hired an A-list legal team led by David Martin, one of Canada’s most high-powered lawyers, who specializes in white-collar crime. He has argued cases at the country’s Supreme Court and has defended members of foreign governments and ultrarich captains of industry seeking to avoid extradition.” On that same day the Globe and Mail described Mr. Martin as “a go-to lawyer for white-collar crime, well known in legal circles in the U.S. as a quarterback of teams in cross-border cases, and viewed as a creative legal thinker with street smarts”.

In addition to his work in the law Mr. Martin has served his community from 1993 to 2008 as a founding director of the environmental advocacy and lending organization Ecotrust Canada. Continuing, in 2008, Mr. Martin was a founding director of the innovative medical research and advocacy organization The Rare Disease Foundation.

*practises as a law corporation

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